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Welcome to the Library of the Hellenic and Intercultural Center in Brussels

The pilot operation of the public directory (OPAC) of the Library of the Hellenic and Intercultural Center of Brussels, based on the open source software KOHA-ILS, started on 9 Μay 2022

The life of the Library is intertwined with the existence of the Hellenic Centre. In 1967, a group of trade unionists from the Greek section of the CSC-ACV decided to contribute to the integration of the newly arrived Greek immigrants in Belgium by providing information and training.
To achieve this goal, they created two tools : the first was the "Workers' School", which had as its main objectives the learning of the French language, and the organisation of seminars aimed at providing Greek workers with the best possible knowledge of the Belgian socio-economic system.
The second was the "Hellenic Library of Brussels", which, on the one hand, was a beacon for the Greek language and Greek culture, and on the other hand, helped to maintain links with Greece, in a difficult time, when direct contact and communication with Greece was particularly difficult for Greek immigrants... 
In the 1980s, the Hellenic Centre increased the number of books through purchases and sponsorships to a considerable extent. Book donations continue and we regularly receive books, constantly increasing our collection, and making it richer to cater to our most demanding readers.
The catalogue
The catalog currently consists of 3.000 books on Greek and foreign literature (novels, poetry, theater, essays, letters, studies on Greek literature), history (especially Greek), and books that cover the whole range. of knowledge from philosophy, sciences, and arts.
The catalog also includes the Library's children's collection.
In the future, they will be included in the catalog, magazines, and newspapers owned by the Library.
The list is constantly being processed and is constantly being enriched.

Searching the online catalogue (OPAC)
The purpose of the OPAC is to allow users and readers to search for the information they need, even if they only know something about the item/book, by searching by Keyword, Title, Author, Subject, ISBN etc.
To help you search the library's electronic catalogue, you can watch the following videos.
The videos have been produced by the Eugenides Foundation Library, who have kindly made them available to us. 

Become a member of the Library
To be a member of the Library, you must apply to receive your Library membership card. The application form can be downloaded here and sent via e-mail to bibliotheque@centrehellenique.be
Upon receipt of the membership card you will need to pay an annual subscription of 10 euros for employees, 5 euros for pupils - students. For the unemployed the membership card will be free.
Terms of use
  • Membership card holders have access to the library services.
  • The membership card is valid for one year.
  • Each member can borrow up to two books at a time.
  • Borrowing period is one month.
  • Lending can be renewed only once per book.
  • The delay will be charged with 1 euro per day.
  • The book should be returned in the received condition.
  • Photocopies will be provided only upon request.

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